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Art Classes for Professionals and Companies

Every human being that lives and breaths has unique attributes and abilities that they can share with the world. It is of utmost importance that they care for these attributes and learn to recognize and embrace them. Doing an art-based activity can enhance and help them find what they are capable of.

Our job as creative facilitators is not to create artists specifically, but to encourage the individual to be open to recognizing and embracing what makes their heart and mind come alive and sing. That is a powerful road to happiness and a right of every human being, at every level of society.

What crazy, wacky, wonderful homegrown activity have you shelved in the attic of your mind? The thing  you loved to do at one time but have put it aside for other pursuits. The creative activities we provide, created specifically for you, feed the soul, which in turn, create happier people, hence happier employees and a better work place.

Creating a powerful and world-changing company, one that is successful at the deepest level, is dependent on the happiness of it's employees. You care for your employees, let us help you empower them.

For more information and to book your class, please email Valery Larson at

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