Goodbye to the old, love the new you

Kicking into the new year, we want to be free to move forward without encumbrance. A fun #creative way to do that is to use your hand, drawing tools with a variety of colors and your mind to help you move forward. If you say you can't draw, that 's completely fine. You will be drawing with your non-dominant hand and NOBODY draws well with their non-dominant hand (unless of course you are ambidextrous). On a piece of paper, any size, with your choice of writing utensil, draw o

Where is creative talent hiding?

Remember that scene in Good Will Hunting where Matt's character is doing his janitorial work and comes across the problem and solves it? That scene made me think of the question, where is the #creative #talent hiding among us? In a company it might be the janitor or the quiet accountant, or it might be someone in our lives close to us, who is quiet and shy and have the great habit of listening to others while their amazing talents are hidden from our view. It might even be hi