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Good Reads:

Reading encourages, enlightens, creates a more rounded life and connects us to the world. The books suggested here are just a drop in the bucket, in a sea of great books to enjoy.

- Making A Living Without a Job, by Barbara Winter - With great insight and experience under her belt, Barbara helps us see how to take our dreams and passions and turn them into a way to make a living without feeling like it's just another job. Her newsletter is a fun and inspiring reading.

- Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill - A full financial life is only complete when combined with care for those around us. Napoleon Hill shares success stories of

the movers and shakers who changed our nation with mindset, financial wisdom and social consciousness, showing us how we too can make a life that is rich with possibilities.

- The Greatest Salesman In The World, by Og Mandino - We face countless obstacles to success in life.  This book makes a great meditation, helping us overcome the fears and roadblocks the stop us from a life of success.

- Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott - A great read if you want to grow and laugh at the same time.

- The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron - For artists and anyone who wants to have a more creative life and embrace who they are.

- The Code, by Shaun Tomson - With wisdom and insight, Shaun Tomson shares his story in the early days of surfing, and the choices he had to make to stay the course and become a world-class surfer.

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