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Les Femmes Artistes Showcase

We share our light. We create change in a world that that doesn't always want to change. We bring to light things hidden. 

Les Femmes Artistestes came about when Valery Larson noticed that many of her amazing women artist friends were not playing with their art and with a desire to create an outlet and encouragement for them to get back to what made them the happiest, came up with the idea to create a women's artist salon that would allow for opportunities to share their work with the community at large and support each other on a personal level with regular gatherings. Every month the women showed their art in a new venue and met once a month to share work and bounce ideas off of each other. We are now proud  to offer our online showcase of the amazing women artists who bless the world with their creativity.

Our work is in the works for you to peruse, enjoy and if you so wish, purchase.  



Valery Larson  -   fine artist, illustrator and teacher

Born in Minneapolis, Val studied art at Atelier Lack in Minneapolis, Minnesota and The Art Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. Influenced by the works of Arthur Rackham, Bouguereau, da Vinci, E.H. Shepard, Lisbeth Zwerger, Jessie Wilcox Smith and her grandmother, Inez Grotte, a truly amazing artist who practiced her art into her nineties and was known to declare, "With every painting you do, you gain a year to your life".

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