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A creative leap of faith

I was once told, "You have faith and I don't." I got to thinking how fear stops faith on so many levels. If we fear too much we don't have faith for actions such as getting on that airplane, thereby loosing some really great and unforgettable experiences. We fear the unknown and don't take chances. We let fear stop us from relationships or making groovy changes to our lives or welcoming in something bigger than we are.

Having faith in ourselves to step into an unknown territory can be a bit daunting to our courage muscle. taking a creative leap can seem like it will be too difficult, especially when we don't feel like we have a creative muscle in our body or are bone-dry when it comes to taking on a creative activity. We feel it's like stepping off a bridge, hoping the bungee cord really does hold. I speak of this from deep personal experience. So often the challenge of getting the right word or image down, stepping into a new tech related to illustration or even putting the first mark on a paper can sometimes unnerve me. Part of what it takes is as simple as expanding our faith to embrace the unknown, to tackle that creative work, to mark that piece of paper.

Try this:

Play with doodling your ideas. Doodling has a powerful connection to releasing creativity and starting us on a heart pathway. Taking action creates equanimity.

Equanimity - Mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

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