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Action - the food for all we do

I keep thinking about action and how it affects all aspects of our lives. Action is the juice that feeds the creative passion. There is also another thing I've found in my own life, that action does for me. When someone has hurt me, I can either just sit there, immobilized or I can let myself sit for a bit and then take action. The person may not even realize they have hurt me, but no matter what, if I want to let creativity be a big part of my life I have to step out of the heaviness and move forward. The negative crap is really a distraction that we can move away from, though it may take a little bit of time to get our butts out of that chair.

On another note, at the moment, as I'm doing sketches for the octopus book, Octavia, I realize more and more how fragile our beautiful world is and how taking action to help this amazing earth thrive, is such an important endeavor. How is it possible that something like a mollusk can have such an amazing brain?!? And, how come it's life is so short? It just doesn't seem fair. Octavia was an amazing 'girl' and I hope I can do her justice.

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