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Artistic spice

As artists we are salt and light and spice. We shed light on the #truth and as salt and spice, add an extra edge to life. The cool thing is that we can all be artists of one sort or another. The artisan who creates beautiful woodwork or the cook who lovingly creates a beautiful meal helps others slow down and look at life in a new way, even if they don't realize that it is new. The #writer, in their art form of weaving words, helps one's mind to expand and see things they didn't see before. More and more I'm seeing photography as the art form it is. It's so easy to pass through this life and miss the tiny significant things that surround us.

Thinking of stopping to observe - living in the redwoods (it may sound weird), I love watching banana slugs and try to imagine what they are thinking. How we must look to them? It's kind of like the vampire movies where the vampire moves so fast we can't see them until they stop moving. Do banana slugs see us like that? Do they see themselves as 'running' in a 'normal' way while we as humans are the abnormal ones?

Try this:

The next time you are walking anywhere, slow down and take time to observe what's around you. There's so much to see in life and if we hurry we might loose it.

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