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Creativity - a sound idea

I've often spoken with professionals who don't see the importance of doing something creative or art related. They tell me they are an accountant or do something math related or are a physician and don't have time for frivolous activities, etc. The amazing thing is that by doing something that challenges our mind, something different (especially creative) from what we usually do, our abilities are enhanced in our current field of expertise. We need to feed our brains and our souls to be whole people. We were created to create.

Creative thought and action creates new pathways in our brain and works a kind of magic in us at a deep, intrinsic level. Imagine having a large house and you get so focused on spending all your time in one or two rooms, you forget about the rest of the house. Then one day you decide to explore and expand your horizons in your house. You come across an attic down a long-forgotten hallway. There is a lock on the door and you jostle the door knob. Then you remember there is a key that was given to you, you can't remember when, but it's deep in a pocket. After minutes of digging for the key, you find it and the key turns in the lock. The room is covered in dust but you start looking closer and all kinds of treasures are revealed. The model plane you spent hours painting, the games you designed and clay you had proudly modeled. memories flood your mind as you remember how you escaped into each of the objects in the room so many years ago. Your imagination starts taking you in new directions.

When we step out of our comfort zone and open the door to our imagination and embrace our creative selves, our lives become richer and we feed that soul that wants our attention.

Try this:

If you've never colored, find a coloring book and play with the colors. There are some really groovy coloring books out there that are made not for kids. Or find some blank paper (or not blank) and start doodling - anything. Or, join an Urban Sketchers group near you. The added benefit(s) of joining the sketchers is that you get to spend time in amazing places and breath different air.

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