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Creativity is in us!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

How often is it said by individuals "I'm not creative" when the truth of the matter is that creativity resides in all of us, we've just forgotten what it looks like and how to express it. A simple activity can start the ball rolling and set us on a new path in life and create new pathways in our brain. Even going for a walk without our phones can jog ideas and help us notice what is around us. The phone in our hand or pocket always tempts us to focus on other people and places rather than being in the moment.

Creativity is a sign of our humanity. A number of animals such as chimps and crows have shown they can create tools to help them get what they want. Our gift as human beings is that we can both create tools to help us accomplish tasks and also use those tools to create something new and exciting.

Try this:

When going for a walk, stoop down and pull a weed. See what you notice, use most of your senses.

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I love to pull weeds! Of course my neighbors look at me funny if I'm pulling theirs! But, it does create a great conversation starter or ice breaker :)

I feel more connected to the earth and meditative in the quiet of my backyard, breathing in the earthy smells and fragrance of the bloom around me. Until its suddenly broken by the squeak of my dogs ball as she pesters me to throw it across the yard...

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