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Dolce far niente

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Italian for "The sweetness of doing nothing". What a blissful thought in this busy, busy world. putting our phones down, stopping to 'smell the roses', taking time to look into someones eyes. It's like therapy for the soul. Sound is optional. My grandmother who was a painter once said, "you gain a year to your life for every painting you do." But to paint, to build, to love, we have to stop and contemplate before we can create a masterpiece or any kind of piece.

I'm an illustrator and for a while I let myself get sidetracked from sketching until the hole in my heart that was created by not sketching, got so big, I couldn't ignore it anymore. Now, thank God, I'm sketching again. One can't really be an illustrator or any creative person, without taking the time to stop and meditate or think on what is around them and in front of them.

The world is full of people who have created a hole in their heart so that they are no longer whole.

Try this:

The above!

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