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#Gift giving from the heart

Many years ago, a dear friend shared a tradition with me that her family had been doing as far back as she could remember. They had an ongoing tradition of making gifts for each other rather than purchasing their gift. It had to be something the giver would put care and love into. It drew them closer to each other and gave the receiver the feeling that they mattered.

So, I've been thinking about gift giving and ways we could show the receiver of our gift, that we care. Here are some ideas that don't cost much more than the time we put into them.

1. Write a letter (with pen and paper) for an older friend.

2. Give yourself the gift of a date with yourself and no one else. The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron, speaks a lot about the importance of doing this. This should be something not related to a 'have to' errand. We need to make it something that brings us joy.

3. Take a friend or family member to the beach to make a Cairn to honor someone you both love or have lost.

4. Make a small cork board from a second-hand or inexpensive picture frame. For me, I have to say, that is not difficult as I live in Wine-country. Of course, many places are becoming wine country. Check out

5. Make a collage card representing five reasons you appreciate the other person.

6. Take the receiver on a picnic.

7. Make a gift basket with items that represent your connection to the receiver. It could be something like a painted stone that memorializes a time you shared at the beach, hand dried teas and anything else that represents them.

Beyond the joy a gift from the heart accomplishes, giving a simple gift from the heart stretches our imagination muscles and the act of creating gets the ideas flowing.

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