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Hindering creativity - 1

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I've been thinking a lot about what hinders our creativity (the good kind of creativity of course) and what takes up brain space so that we can't focus on what gives us joy.

So often in my own life, I've been wronged and need to forgive them and sometimes I've wronged others and need to ask for forgiveness. When I am unwilling to forgive others, I notice that it can become all I think about and they then have control of my mind. But when I forgive, it breaks the hold they have on me and it frees up my mind to do the things I have in my heart to do and focus on doing the creative things I love, which for me are painting, sketching, writing and simply appreciating the things and people around me. It can be a tough choice, but it is a choice, to forgive.

I can also get comfortable in my hurt and anger, and that hurt and anger act like they are my best friends. If that happens, I need to thank them for coming, show them the door and tell them to have a nice day.

I also don't believe we should necessarily forget what people have done to us, so that we won't let it happen again. We have more power than we often realize but we don't have to give our power of choice over to unforgiveness and the people who have hurt us.

Try this:

Next time you feel deeply hurt and have a difficult time forgiving that hurt, turn those feelings into something creative. Write a goofy story (I did this once with an individual who who I was working with and they were rude about something I had illustrated and I turned them into a cow in a very short graphic story. I never showed the story to anyone but every time I thought of that person, the cow would stampede into my mind and I couldn't help smiling. You can also draw a picture of them with your non-dominant hand in a color you absolutely can't stand. Have fun with it!

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