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Inner Power

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Inner power is that inner strength that helps us remain faithful to our passion, our health, our emotions and our truth. We forget that it is one of our most priceless possessions and when someone says "BOO!", or "your not worth anything" or "what you made is stupid" or "who's going to want that", or that plate of cookies says "Don't I look delicious - in fact, if you eat all of us, you'll feel even better" - we cave in and hand our inner power over to them or it and act as if it really belongs to them or that they deserve it more than we do. Since when does someone else or that plate of cookies deserve such a precious gift or a powerful hold over our lives??? NEVER!!!

Try this:

The next time someone says something that weakens you, hurts you or deflates your spirit in any way, shape or form, just say "thanks, but no thanks", hug your power close to your heart and walk away. I have a feeling if we keep doing this, eventually it will get easier and easier to hold on to our inner power.

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