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Look at that slug go (or, Have a sluggy snack)

Once again I was watching a banana slug and wondering at this slimy wonder. I've touched them in the past and boy does that slimy-ness stick to the hand. I've read how raccoons will roll them in dirt so that they can enjoy a nice sluggy snack. Yum! We so often wonder why something even is (like that slug). Why is it here, what is the point of it? What's it's purpose. I often think that about myself and feel like I could do so much more. But the thought occurs, as I look at and sometimes sketch those slimy little forest creatures, they do have a purpose and a point in being here. Just because something is slow and maybe even slimy doesn't mean it is unimportant. Sometimes moving slow is the only way to go, or maybe just not moving at all.

I'm so thankful for the Idlers Society out of England. Such a groovy group. Life can be more fun if we sometimes go slow or just don't go and let the world rush by. Sometimes being like a slug is the best medicine in a world that wants to overload us with it's BS.

Practicing an art form is a lot like being like that slug. We have to stop and be observers. Move slow. To be good at something creative we have to let the world do it's thing while we do ours.

Try this:

Be like a slug and embrace our creative selves.

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