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No giving in, no giving up

Fear is only a word until we give it power. When uncertainty happens such this pandemic, it's so tempting and easy to give into fear which creates a sick feeling in the stomach and boosts stress levels to crazy heights.

in the current health and emotional climate of the world, I've learned so much more about the beauty of choice. I can let fear drive me to crazy town or let it give me an energetic kick in the pants to take a creative leap, find new ways to do things and learn fun new techniques. It's astonishing how focusing on creating what I love and new opportunities helps take the focus off the fear and remember "this too shall pass". It's a great kindness I do for myself and all those around me when I take the creative leap and allow fear to do something positive.

Case in point. Les Femmes Artistes. A group that I had the privilege to create with dear women artist friends in Minneapolis a number of years ago. Because of the current situation it is becoming an online group that will encourage many more women in their artistic pathway. What great new techniques will they learn and what level will they take their art to?

May we all focus on what feeds our soul, gives us hope and kicks us in our beautiful big or small behinds, opening our minds and hearts for new ideas. Look at the plants and the birds during this pandemic. The plants are blooming more than I've ever seen and the sound of all those birds singing blows me away.

To our health and all our creative endeavors.

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