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Our valuable lives

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

It's so easy to think of our lives in terms of being small or lacking in value, but this thinking is so far from the truth. Many years ago, I was attending a church at the University of Minnesota and had a wonderful friend who was born with a disease. It may have been Cerebral Palsy, or something similar. Nevertheless, she was stuck in a wheelchair, couldn't speak clearly and her arms seemed to have a life of their own. In spite of everything, she was getting a masters degree in one of the language arts and always had a great attitude.

Attitude - what a powerful thing that we can choose. I sadly so often forget this, but thankfully my friend in the wheelchair comes to mind and reminds me of how blessed I am. If someone with such a difficult life can make something out of what has been handed to her, I can surely find a way to do the same.

Try this:

Look in the mirror every morning and say hi to yourself and that you are happy you get to know you better. I've been trying to do a self-portrait once a year and it's strangely difficult. It makes me realize how little I really know or appreciate myself.

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val- your positive perspective/outlook on life is one of the most beautiful gifts you have- and provide to others !

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