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Slowing down and stepping back

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

It's so easy to want to rush ahead when what we sometimes need most is to step back. I saw some wonderful clips on youtube about free diver Kimi Werner, as well as a TED talk she did and she really hit home about being mindful and in the moment. Life is short! Why rush ahead, we will get there soon enough.

Tech can create an environment that encourages an impulse to move fast. It changes so quickly and we feel the need to keep up. We worry about things that haven't happened, about the money we need to get our hands on, about not having the latest gadget, about not answering a text message. We forget that once upon a time, people didn't live with these things and they spent time looking in each others faces . They took time to just sit and play and enjoy a meal together. Tech has it's place and it also needs to step aside and let us just be who we are meant to be, in a space where we can think and meditate and relax.

Try this:

Next time you feel panicked and the need to hurry, do the opposite, slow down and see what happens to your mind and heartbeat.

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