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Ten minutes a day to success

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

We all say "I don't have time for learn this..." or whatever it is we don't think we have time for. In reality, it's a lie we believe day after day. What do we give our time to? Cute kittens and puppies on youtube or that awesome show we find ourselves binge watching (I don't want to focus on the heart-health problems of binge watching). I'm not talking about daydreaming - that can be an awesome, calming and creative idea generating habit. The truth is we can learn to do just about anything in ten minutes. There is even a language system that teaches how to learn a language in ten minutes a day. And it really does work.

When we think about it, ten minutes out of our day isn't much to ask to become the grooviest version of ourselves. As I have an addictive personality, it will take me a while to learn how to turn off that cute kitty or well dressed hamster on youtube but at least every morning when I wake up, it's like a new beginning and I can start fresh with learning to be a better me.

Try this:

Think of one thing you've wanted to learn and commit to giving it ten minutes out of every day for one month and see what happens.

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