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The power of a grateful heart

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

We are told so often to be grateful. We might think, "Ya, ya, it hasn't done me any good - you should see my life. What is there to be grateful for?!?" - then we feel sorry for ourselves and go have a good cry and think how our lives suck. But there is another view of gratefulness that can change our lives forever. A powerful action that takes us from our lowly state of mind and changes our perception of life and our circumstances.

Thanking in Advance. Even before the person we are frustrated with changes, the lack of funds expand, the work that doesn't come our way, shows up, etc., we can create a shift that opens the door to the changes we so badly want and need. Madeleine l'engle once said, "We are the authors of our own lives." What a great power we hold in our hands, with that simple and heartfelt declaration!

Try this:

Imagine one thing that you would like in your life as if it has already happened and be thankful for it. The key is to truly be grateful for the change and new circumstance. It's not about greed or manipulating the other person to do what you want them to do.

Example as a prayer: Thank you for the people in my life, for the love in our hearts, for the animals in our care, for your abundance tumbling into our lives more and more every day.

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i love these thoughts. val you always bring such great insight.

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