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Trying something new

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

It's so easy to want to stay in our rut and be comfortably lodged there. I tend to burrow in to those spots that keep me feeling safe and comfortable. It's a blast trying new art mediums, however tech related things and activities can sometimes make me want to run the other way. When one lives in a place where tech doesn't always work, it's easy to ignore it and enjoy the rare non-techy life.

On the other hand, what can enrich our lives? We don't have to let something new swallow us up, but maybe the new thing can add another dimension to our lives. For someone else, doing something creative or stopping in one's tracks to really notice something beautiful or unusual might take them out of their comfort zone, might be scary or uncomfortable because it's unfamiliar. The CEO or the accountant that doesn't feel they have a creative bone in their body, might have had a dream to build something with wood, or as a kid, they loved to draw, but doing such frivolous activities now? "I don't thing so," they say. It was only a "dream they had a long time ago".

I've adding a good camera to my arsenal of activities and abilities. I will embrace this baby and learn everything I can about it and let it enhance the things I already do.

What feeds our soul and what can we add to make those experiences or activities richer?

Try this:

When something keeps coming to mind, an activity you have wanted to do, give it a try. Use baby steps and gradually get to know it. You might be surprised by the way you see life and what you notice that you might have never noticed before. Now I"m off to play with my camera.

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