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Turning weakness into strength

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Why is it that after a great high, when something good has happened, my emotions drop like a rock and I struggle to get out of that deep rut? The other night I woke up, instead of with joy at a recent experience, a great sadness that blanketed my heart like an impenetrable fog. I kept rehashing all the ways I've screwed up, the stupid things I've said that I can't take back and the fact that I heard my voice once again on a recording, and I felt sick at the nasally sound that came out of my mouth ("I'm never going to speak out loud ever again!", I promised myself. Of course that is an impossibility, unless I get permanent laryngitis). Then something started seeping into my mind. I had a thought that maybe I could turn my weaknesses into strengths. Maybe I needed to embrace my weaknesses but I wouldn't have to accept them as an unchangeable fixture in my life. Maybe even my stupid sounding voice could help me become a better version of myself, by closing more often and letting my ears do their job listening.

The sadness started to fade away as I felt that I wasn't a lost cause, and then I guess I fell asleep.

Try this:

Embrace what you feel are a weakness in yourself and think about all the people who have made a success of their lives, in spite of their weakness'.

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