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Un-sticking those creative juices

Yesterday was a really inspiring day as we made our way through the crowds at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park, SF, to the different stages. There were so many people at the Robert Plant stage that being of shorter stature compared to the people who were there to catch his act. I couldn't see him on the stage but happily could hear him belt out his tunes. Wow, listening to him sing and not seeing him made me feel pretty young. His voice was so fantastic, he really didn't sound like he was any older than the 'good old days'. I started thinking about how he has kept on all these years and I realized that is it - That he has kept on. So often I get stuck or down on myself and feel downright like a slug and can't move forward (of course Banana slugs do move up to 6 feet an hour so I guess I'm being unfair to them - WAAAHHHH - is a banana slug even better than I ?!?). I think the key then is KEEP MOVING FORWARD and don't get down on ourselves.


How have you felt slow (as a slug) or unable to move forward in your creative thoughts or ideas. Let's take those little steps and determine to not give up. We can do it!

Take that walk, don't beat yourself up and be fearless.

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