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"Well-behaved women rarely make history." - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

'Minnesota Nice' is where I came from. Being good and not making waves was always the underlying command. "Don't question, just obey," was also something I heard a lot. Until one day, I said Enough! Well-behaved women didn't change the vote. Well-behaved women don't create to their full potential and well-behaved women never ever do things out of order. We are not cookie-cutter shapes but living breathing souls that have something to say to the world. The world needs us. I look at the countries run by women and the amazing changes they have made. They are ahead of other countries that are run by men. I am not against men but they need the sensitivity and care that we as women can bring to the whole picture. We all need each other.

Let's not be well-behaved, let's get out there and shout our vision to the world. Let's be bad-ass-ed women who chose not to be afraid of who we are meant to be, to embrace the what, the where and the who.

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