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Hindering Creativity 2 - when self-doubt takes over

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Self-doubt, another block to our creativity. It stops us in our tracks, freezes our soul, blocks and cripples our mind from doing what we really want to do. It needles its way into our thoughts and shreds our self respect.

Even after accomplishing something fantastic, something we originally didn't think we would finish, it can steal the joy that came with that accomplishment. It can be a sentence or a word from someone who we should trust. It can seem to come from thin air. We remember all the times we've failed, let others or our self down, looked like a fool and thought we were the biggest loser on the planet. We let our mind believe what the self-doubt whispers in our ear, what it's cold, dark finger points at.

The truth is (and I have to keep reminding myself of this) I am not the biggest loser on the planet, I can rejoice and be proud of what I accomplished, and move on to the next thing. I can remember all the times I succeeded and also realize what looks like failure, only shows that I did something and wasn't just sitting on my butt. Failure is only failure because I let it be. That thick folder of rejection letters isn't about doing nothing, it shows my passion for what I'm doing. It teaches me how to do things better and to not give up.

Try this:

Every morning meditate on a paragraph or a chapter in a book that inspires, comforts and strengthens your resolve. I've found that doing something on a regular basis centers me and gives me hope. It helps me love my big feet for the great understanding they give me and cherish the time that I have left.

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