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Tours with a twist


Tired of the usual tour that rushes you from place to place, seeing countless sights and staying in so many places it makes your head spin? Our concept is quite different. we believe everyone's experience should be one of soaking in, exploration and time to take in one's surroundings so that you feel a deeper connection to the place and the moment.

  Notice: all tours cancelled until further notice

Oxford Gargoyle Art Tour - May 5th - May 13th, 2020

Give yourself the gift of time to practice your craft.  Come with us as we paint, sketch photograph this  iconic  city,  explore  Blenheim  Palace  and  its  fantastic  gardens  and atmospheric  Cotswold villages where Oscar Wilde,  Monet and John Singer-Sargent all drew inspiration from their beauty. You can go off on  your own if you wish, or spend time with other artists.


Writers Welcome!



9 days     


Underwater sketching tour



Women's retreats


Held in beautiful Sonoma County among towering redwoods and the authentic beauty of the Sonoma Coast beaches, we invite you to experience four day retreats that embolden creativity, enliven the senses, stretch your spirit and pamper your soul.




















Goat Rock 4 (2).JPG
Color Stain


Tropical Island

Sketching connects one to place, carving the memory of an experience on the heart and mind of the artist. We search out unforgettable reefs and underwater destinations to create an unusual tour experience. The oceans are changing rapidly due to many circumstances. 

For all travelers who want to go beyond the usual experience.


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