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Empowering and Embracing Beautiful You 

Women over 40 and 50 are alive and well.  We have strength and imagination and courage to live a full life. We have spent our lives often helping others and when we get to a certain point in life we can feel like we are foundering and wonder what our purpose is. We are so much more than what people or society have told us and we want to make the world a better place. We won't go quietly into that dark night. We were born to dare and we are  not well-behaved because well-behaved women don't make history. We know our worth and will accept nothing less. Our lives are not a cliche but a powerful road-sign. So, dye your hair purple, wear cloths that shout YOU! And ignore those naysayers that will try and put you in their box. You are free!


We look forward to future retreats in Sonoma County, California

Please check back for updates.

"You gain a year with every painting you do."   

                                                                             -Inez Grotte  

                                                                             Happily painted in watercolor and oils into her 90's, first                                                                                     one-woman show at 100 years old, passed away at the ripe,                                                                               young age of 102.

Beautiful Girl with Afro
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