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Creativity and the art of anti-racism

What a beautiful thing to see the #peaceful protesters after the death of George Floyd.

Where do we go from here to make a lasting #change. As human beings we have creativity we can tap into to change our lives and the lives of every other person we may meet. Creativity is about curiosity and and what better way to make a connection with others than to show honest curiosity about what is important to them, what they love, care for and do. When we are all given honest attention, we thrive.

At our house we've taken in a number of feral cats and they are always afraid and timid in the beginning but as they are loved and cared for, touched and allowed to be just simply who they are, they inevitably relax and start to play and give us their trust and they thrive. I believe it can go much farther than that and we can apply that principle to all people, our beautiful earth and every being who lives on it.

We can make a new start, we can make a change.

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