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Step back and breath

These are interesting times we live in. So easy to feel overwhelmed by the #coronavirus and how it is affecting us all. What if, though, it is a time to step back and reflect on our lives and what we really can be. We are created to help ourselves and help others. Being creative can change our perspective of who we are and teach us to be more sensitive with others and our self. Doing a creative act can also take us out of our circumstances in our minds and give our troubled thoughts a rest. This creative action can extend to the garden and what we can create there. When we can't change the outward #circumstances we can create a better life for ourselves right where we are at.

Now is the time to think about the things we've always wanted to do. What about that book I've always wanted to write, or the new recipe I've always wanted to cook, or the new hobbies that will add sparkle to my life?

Begin, do, breath, create a new life. We can empower our lives!

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