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Goodbye to the old, love the new you

Kicking into the new year, we want to be free to move forward without encumbrance. A fun #creative way to do that is to use your hand, drawing tools with a variety of colors and your mind to help you move forward. If you say you can't draw, that 's completely fine. You will be drawing with your non-dominant hand and NOBODY draws well with their non-dominant hand (unless of course you are ambidextrous).

On a piece of paper, any size, with your choice of writing utensil, draw on the left side of the paper, with your non-dominant hand using a color you don't like, the person that has hurt or discouraged you in your creative life. Was it a teacher, parent, friend, enemy or even yourself who sabotaged your creative journey. Did you have dreams of being a writer, and someone thought they were helping you but spoke discouraging words that want to pop into your brain every time you've sat down to write, until you finally gave up that dream. Or maybe you wanted to paint, cook or build cool pieces of furniture, but now it's a distant dream, relegated to the attic of your soul. It doesn't have to stay that way. You are the author of your life.

Next, with your non-dominant hand, draw yourself on the right side of the paper. Use a color that you love. Make yourself as wild and crazy and fun as you want. Last, draw (with your non-dominant hand) a wall between the two characters. Every time that person pops into your brain, remember that you have put a wall between you and them. In your mind they can't touch you. And if they keep popping back in, tell them to have a nice day and put them on the other side of the wall. You don't have to listen to them anymore.

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